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Employee training in cybersecurity

Employee training courses are part of a company's overall personnel development and are indispensable pieces of lifelong learning given the constant changes in everyday professional life.

Employee training is part of the overall human resources development of a company and, in view of changing situations in everyday professional life, is an indispensable piece of the puzzle of lifelong learning.

Due to the fact that employees usually trigger internal cyber attacks unintentionally, we offer a comprehensive e-learning arrangement with 17 courses. These courses help employees to redefine and redesign their work processes in terms of cyber security and data protection.

E-learning courses

Our Cyber Security trainings are a pure e-learning arrangement. Order an access voucher in the Store and you will then receive the vouchers by e-mail. With one voucher, you can attend the online courses for the duration of one month. After successfully completing the mandatory e-learning courses within one month, you will receive your personal Novatec Cyber-Security Certificate (NCSCERT).

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