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Negotiating extortion demands

A ransomware attack encrypts the targeted system and steals data. Usually, the hacker-attackers make extortion demands. They offer to decrypt the data again so that the entity attacked can access the data once the demanded sum is paid. If this demand is not met, the attackers threaten to publish sensitive data, among other things.

If the company under attack decides that payment would incur the least damage in such a situation, the extortion sum can be reduced by an experienced negotiator. We offer our support in these negotiations to minimize the financial damage as much as possible.

Negotiation process

The cyber-attackers will tell you how to get in touch. They know that the demand is not absolute, and in most cases, they are ready to negotiate. Our specialists will handle these negotiations for you.

If you have cybersecurity insurance, these claims, or at least some portion of them, are often covered by the policy.

Cost of negotiating extortion demands

The cost of these negotiations is difficult to quantify since they vary in complexity and are difficult to predict in terms of duration. Experience shows that the expenses are worthwhile, as the amount demanded is many times higher. If you prefer, we can also arrange a success fee as a percentage of the reduction in the amount achieved.

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