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Phishing and Social Engineering

Social engineering is a term used to describe a wide range of malicious activities achieved through human interactions. The attacker uses psychological manipulation to trick users into committing security mistakes or disclosing sensitive information. Hackers use deceptive tricks to elicit passwords, bank account details, and other personal information.

Detecting phishing and social engineering

With social engineering penetration testing, we perform typical social engineering scams on a company's employees to determine the company's vulnerability to this type of exploit. They help you test employee compliance with security policies and practices established by management.

Raising awareness of cyber risks

Our tests provide an organization with information about how easily an intruder can convince employees to break security rules or reveal or grant access to confidential information.

Procedure and duration of a social engineering penetration test

Our selection of services outlines what will be done during our audit. In order to determine the scope of the audit, we will send you a short questionnaire in advance to your IT support. After the audit is completed, we will send a detailed report on the tests and attacks performed, the vulnerabilities discovered, and the actions recommended to resolve them.

Cost of a social engineering penetration test

The cost of a social engineering penetration test depends on its scope and starts at CHF 2,500.

In addition to a social engineering penetration test, we recommend regular employee training:

Info and cost of employee training
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