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Cyber security needs of Novatec customers

Our way of cooperating with your IT support as a partner

Our experience has shown that cooperation between existing IT service providers of companies and institutions with external cyber security service providers is not always positive. IT support companies with mandates feel threatened by external cyber security companies. They fear that the external cyber security company will compete with them for the support mandate, as these companies often also offer IT support themselves. It is obvious that a consensual cooperation of all parties and a joint approach is more target-oriented and effective for the customer.

For this reason, Novatec Cyber Security AG does not offer IT services that compete with an existing relationship between the end customer and the IT consultant. We always work together with the customer's IT support, both when requesting information for the detailed offer and when delivering the report and discussing it. The report is sent to the IT consultant so that he can explain it to his client. On request, one of our IT specialists can join the meeting digitally.

Cybersecurity for *municipalities* and cities

Various municipalities and cities in Switzerland and Germany have already been affected by cyber attacks. The attacks were manifold. On the one hand, websites were attacked so that the entire e-government (i.e. the online counter services) no longer functioned and citizens could no longer access any digital information from the municipal or city administration. On the other hand, ransomware was installed, which disconnected the users from the data and made the data inaccessible and unusable. After a few days of interruption, access to the data could be restored with considerable financial expenditure by IT specialists, but the hackers had copied this data in the meantime. This often results in extortion demands. In the French-speaking part of Switzerland, for example, a municipality under attack published data on school grades, employees' job references, files from meetings of public authorities as well as correspondence in tax disputes, figures from tax returns such as assets and income of taxpayers or extracts from the debt collection register on the Internet, where they could be viewed by anyone. Novatec Cyber Security analyzes the IT situation of Swiss municipalities and cities, identifies weak points and makes suggestions on how to remedy them.

Protection against hacker attacks for SMEs

Cyber-attacks on companies are still underestimated, especially by small and medium-sized companies that only have limited financial resources for cybersecurity. Compromising attacks cause financial harm and loss of reputation among customers as well as partners. Defense systems like firewalls and anti-virus programs only offer limited protection. Therefore, regular checks on defense mechanisms and security settings, as well as prevention, are becoming increasingly important. Training employees and testing for security gaps (pentesting) are fundamental measures for maintaining security for your company and for customers. A successful attack can lead to loss of trust, which is a major and sometimes irreversible problem. Novatec Cybersecurity knows the problems SMEs face, and we offer relevant solutions.

IT security for medical practices and hospitals

IT security guidelines for medical practices and hospitals are of great importance: patient data should be managed securely and protected against loss, manipulation, or unauthorized disclosure. Likewise, the risks of operational failures due to cyber-attacks must be minimized. Simple measures such as the use of up-to-date virus protection programs, secure transmission protocols and passwords, tailored browser settings, and regular, logged creation of backups offer basic protection. However, many other measures, including regular checks to ensure their proper implementation, are necessary to ensure compliance with current and future guidelines. Novatec Cybersecurity helps you address this complex task.

Cybersecurity for Education

Digitization is inevitably advancing in education. Due to distance learning and the use of online tools, the range of threats is also expanding. With BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies, private users connect to publicly accessible networks at schools. This poses a high level of potential risk for cyber-attacks. Protecting sensitive data and handling it responsibly is of the highest priority in the Swiss education system. Therefore, there is a high need for action in the field of cybersecurity at educational institutions. Novatec Cybersecurity analyzes the state of cybersecurity at your institution, simulates various kinds of attacks, and creates a report that can help you eliminate vulnerabilities at an early stage and stop attacks.

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