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Cloud Security

Cloud Security Audit

Cloud services offer new benefits and opportunities for business expansion and growth. Migrating applications and data to a public cloud service can be very beneficial, but at the same time, it entails risks in the form of security breaches or other vulnerabilities. A cloud security assessment will reduce the risk associated with cloud computing.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a comprehensive, efficient cloud systems assessment that identifies and mitigates any potential risks.

During the assessment, we use advanced techniques and methodologies to ensure that your cloud system is fully aligned with the latest and most secure security architecture. You will receive a written report of the results, including our findings and possible solutions on how to close any security gaps.

Procedure and duration of a cloud security check

Our selection of services outlines what will be done during our audit. In order to determine the scope of the audit, we will send you a short questionnaire in advance to your IT support. After the audit is completed, we will send a detailed report on the tests and attacks performed, the vulnerabilities discovered, and the actions recommended to resolve them.

Cost of a cloud security check

The cost of a cloud security check depends on its scope and starts at CHF 2,500.

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