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FAQ - Cybersecurity Guide 2024

IT Security: Questions and Answers

How can I protect myself from cyber-attacks?

Since the points of attack are many and varied, there is not one general guide on how to protect yourself from a cyber attack. One vulnerability is the behavior of the employed persons who have access to the data of your company/institution. Therefore, employee training and associated awareness can be very helpful. If your web application is an important part of your corporate strategy, we recommend a Web Application Pentest. To protect your data in internal or external networks or clouds, various network security checks are listed here. Simulated attacks can also be helpful. You can find out more about this service at Red Team Assesment. Of course, our specialists will also help you choose the most useful security check for you.

How much does a Cybersecurity Check cost?

For our services, we charge from CHF 1,500 per day. The security checks usually take 4 to 9 days, for small companies up to 5 employees a variant of 3 days is also possible. You will find the respective figures for each type of security check at our service offering. In order to better understand your needs and organization, we ask that you fill out a form for each case so we can provide a precise quote and explain our services in detail.

How do I benefit from a Security Check?

After a security check has been carried out, you will receive a report from us showing you what has been checked by our specialists and what vulnerabilities we have discovered. These records will help your IT team to close the security gaps found. If you do not have internal or external IT resources, we can help you with specialized companies in our network.

Is my company safe after a security check?

The security check is a snapshot that shows current vulnerabilities. These must then be addressed by IT experts. We recommend periodic checks as your staff changes since their IT may evolve and cyber-attacks may change. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as 100% protection, but our services can significantly reduce the risk of a successful cyber-attack.

Can I be insured against cyber-attacks?

More and more insurance companies are offering cybersecurity insurance. Different policies offer different benefits, so comparing them is worthwhile. Some policies also cover claims against the attackers. However, with most insurances, the amount of damage coverage is capped. Often, only external costs are compensated but not the high internal costs associated with a cyber-attack. More and more insurance companies also require customers to prove that they are protecting themselves against cyber-attacks.

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